As assets, hotels can offer attractive returns and a safe long-term investment. Investing in hotels, however, calls for a firm grasp of the distinctive characteristics of both hotel operation and real estate. ROD Hotels’ team  supports owner-operators, institutional and private investors, and financing organisations throughout the hotel investment cycle.

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Clients who invest in hotels can expect a variety of benefits from their projects. Rodschinson Investment will advise both new and experienced investors as they seek out the most profitable, sustainable opportunities. Hotels traditionally bring steady revenue, when well-managed, because of their low vacancy rates and maximum use of space.

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Real estate outsourcing by hotel groups in recent years has led to changes within the industry: increased sale and leaseback deals and sale and management back deals; franchises; lease-and-manage back operations; and traditional buying and selling. Rodschinson’s current analysis and experience with this expanding market give our clients every possible option for success.

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Rodschinson’s specialist hotel teams support our clients throughout the entire the hotel investment cycle: acquisition, consulting, management, and dispersal. Our teams are drawn from hotel industry and investment professionals, and they have a thorough operational and financial understanding as well as experience covering the various types of hotel ownership.

Founded in 2005, our years of experience give us the edge that you need. Our expert realtors will help you make your most important decisions with clarity, understanding, and foresight.

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