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ROD Hotels offers unparalleled knowledge of the global hospitality sector, tracking hotel and resort transactions, new supply and hotel value trends across the globe. Rodschinson’s established links with city planning officials, economic development officers, franchise representatives, consultants, appraisers, owners and developers allow us to be a step ahead of the competition at all times.


Real estate specialists evaluating project divesting

Our international team at ROD Hotels has advised on both, majority and minority ownership investments throughout the years.

In either scenario, our methodical approach is to maximize the inflow of equity by restructuring or expanding the established to maximize the results even without having a majority vote.

Many of our clients prefer this strategy as it requires a smaller investment. Here at Rodchinson, we understand that there’s no one-strategy-fits-all and therefore, we are here to commit ourselves to our clients at every step of the way.


Real estate developers evaluating a project

If you plan on the selling of your hotels’ business, or another business to realize a successful transformation, or to make an overly diversified portfolio more focused and synergistic and to take advantage of expert administration and executive support, our team can list down the possibilities to make just that happen.

Given our Rodschinson’s teams success in various domains and distinctive expertise when it comes to evaluating, analyzing, and comprehensive advising for our partners on the selling side, we help our clients make tough decisions with ease.


Real estate specialists making a handshake to materialize their strategic partnership

Through our global, full-service real estate and retail platform, we bring insights and intelligence required to predict and analyze changes in the retail landscape.

Our team of specialists at ROD Hotels is well-positioned to assist owners and retailers, with a momentous track record in leasing services across Europe. We help owners identify and connect with suitable tenants, negotiate the lease terms, and execute contracts.

Regulation advisory

Real estate specialists looking at the financial elements of a project to evaluate a project

The understanding of the regulatory framework of hotels and hospitality businesses that you want to enter, are already operating or get out of is one of the key elements to account for.

Rodchinson’s investment team has counseled clients in successfully navigating the tough waters in real estate development, private equity, hotels, and logistics divisions.

Our clients come from around the globe motivating us to foresee the regulatory challenges and anticipate the regulatory requirements at the time of structuring a deal as well as stay up to date with national regulations.

Business valuations

Real estate specialists giving regulatory advice

Business valuations can be particularly complex, as they differ according to the nature of the investment. The seller wants the best price for their company and the buyer doesn’t want to pay too much.

Therefore, our team can describe the sources of value creation, the structure of the company, the terms and to project the returns for the investor in the context of analysis. Generally, we eye things like the track record, trends, the technology they use, intellectual properties, to list a few, and make critical assessments of the value potential making sure our clients get the most for their money.

Our global team has substantial expertise and insight into business valuation across the various sectors.

Management buy out

Real estate specialist studying the best way to convert an asset

Often in ROD Hotels we come across a business with a potential lack of exploitation and visionary management that can make or break a business.

We help our clients acquire such businesses by arranging to finance, carving out a business plan, and draft a contract keeping the legal and tax issues in mind.

Whether you look to buy the company shares or to buy specific assets and activities, our versatile team can present you with the best negotiation strategy and the alternatives to arrange to finance as well.

Associate services

Real estate specialist holding a real-estate portfolio in his hands

There are a ton of factors that can make or break a deal. We provide services to get more insight into the business you want to invest in and the industry it’s operating in.

These services include but are not limited to, corporate due diligence, market research business development as well as legal support.

Divestitures and portfolio management

Real estate specialist holding a real-estate portfolio in his hands

The key to successful risk management is to be programmatic with your buying strategy and selective divestitures to frequently maneuver portfolios toward better industry exposure and assets.

We help our clients prepare assets for sale to curtail risks and shape the remaining business to flourish.

At Rodschinson, our analytical approach and insights from a network of specialists ensure that our clients are updated with the latest developments and are armed to make data-driven decisions to actively manage and grow their portfolios.

Deal financing options

Real estate specialist holding a real-estate portfolio in his hands

We’ve had clients that considered debt as the basis of their transaction and we’ve also had clients that preferred stock options. Needless to say, our team of experts in the division has produced favorable results for our clients in both types of transactions.

Whichever your preferred route is, our team would be delighted to tell you about the nitty-gritty of both options such as including convertible debt with the debt route and preferred stock, liquidation preference, options, etc, with the equity route.

We welcome you to get in touch and find out more about how, where, and when we could help you to maximize your investment.

Strategic Advice

Gain stakeholder and industry-driven feedback, research, and strategic care that benefits your town, through ROD Hotel’s destination marketing tactics, economic development analysis & the team’s ability to understand and capitalize on the tourism market.

At ROD Hotels, we also assist our clients to deliver attractive, functional spaces for guests and the community. Making sure that every element of your project, from cost control to vendor selection, is meticulously managed. We strive to bring your vision to life.

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Rodschinson Investment is your trusted investement partner to make the smartest possible move whatever is your current situation.

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