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The question today isn’t whether to do deals but how to do them wisely and effectively. Investors entering the M&A market face diverse challenges in terms of acquisition, disinvestment, and fundraising. ROD Hotels team’s time-honored relationships with global players in hospitality allows us to present abundant options to our clients that fit the type of investment they’re looking for and as well as their risk appetite. 


Rodschinson’s Hotels team works very closely with a highly skilled ROD M&A team to help our clients to derive well-thought-out strategies that are in sync with the clients’ growth strategy and are tailor- made to their needs and wishes.

Our team’s vast network of long-standing relationships with numerous Belgian, French, Dutch, and other European and international businesses across various sectors and industries allows us to generate a list full of targets, develop a framework for deal diagnostics and create a diligent M&A roadmap facilitating our approach to the target.

The goal is to help our clients see the bigger picture in the sense that we work to produce a repeatable model that supports frequent and larger deals.


Rodchinson’s investment team of experienced professionals spanning all geographies and industries we operate in makes sure every deal triumphs to its full potential.

ROD Hotels has successfully implemented diverse transactions for our existing clients by working hand in hand with ROD Developments, ROD Private Equity, and ROD M&A.

Our arsenal of battle-tested tools and analytics that assesses revenue growth, market dynamics, and cost reduction opportunities to get to the bottom of the barrel and establish the true potential of the deal.


From modest transactions to the most complicated M&A deals, our highly collaborative, carefully tailored approach demonstrates our ability to create value for our clients during the integration process.

We assist our clients to realize synergies and cooperation with the board and portfolio firm’s management and other involved stakeholders and scrutinize the business process of the acquired and aim to reduce costs as necessary for maximizing the revenue.


Our job doesn’t just end at the acquisition of a hotel. At ROD Hotels, a well-planned business strategy is what we formulate to operate your hotel as you would any other business.

Our risk management acumen helps us to be programmatic with your M&A strategy as we believe, it is imperative to be selective with the divestitures of hospitality assets.

Our industry specific skill-set of frequently maneuvering portfolios toward better industry exposure helps our clients prepare their non-performing investments in hotels, for sale to curtail risks and shape the remaining portfolio to flourish.

From deriving a strategy through the integration execution, we are with our clients through every step of the way. We understand glitches can occur at any point during the entire process.

ROD M&A and ROD development walk the extra mile along with ROD Hotels to identify these potential issues in advance to make the necessary amends.

Our goal is to support and guide our clients to get the best bank for their buck by unlocking the unexploited potential of the businesses. It’s what we do best.

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