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    we have a diverse range of worldwide hotels for sale and strong knowledge of where the buyers are. 


From Gen Z’s search for fresh Instagram photos to the Boomer’s demand for luxury, today’s hotels are expected to be destinations, not just accommodations.

The savvy investor recognizes this trend, and searches out a partner to guide him through the complex yet rewarding field.

Rodschinson Investment’s years of experience in real estate, specifically in hotel real estate, will equip clients to realize their ambitions in this lucrative field.


Our visionary hotel teams are professionals drawn from the hotel and investment industries. They have a solid operational and financial understanding as well as experience covering the many types of hotel ownership.

ROD Hotels’ teams listen to our clients and consider their needs when putting together an investment proposal.


If acquiring property is your goal, we can help you in a variety of ways: Define your investment strategy, Source capital, Price recommendation, Identification of target investors, Get contract review, Opportunity sourcing.

We also can help you obtain due diligence reports, Marketing and sale process management, Identify the market opportunities that meet your criteria,  Assist you throughout the negotiation process.


When it comes to selling your assets, our sales teams identify key investors, their main investment criteria, and key value drivers.

We’ll determine your exit strategy and get your asset or business in front of the right buyers with strategic property marketing. We have access to a global network of hotel investors, and we will get due diligence support throughout the disposition process.


At Rodschinson Investment, before we give you our seasoned counsel, we make sure we have delved deep into all areas of your project.

We analyze market and property trends to help you maximize value and minimize risk. We search through our numerous contacts, looking for the right developer whose projects match our clients’ investment strategies.

When our client profits and both sides are content with the deal, Rodschinson profits too, the outcome should be beneficial for everyone concerned.


Developers want to deliver beautiful, functional, smart spaces for guests, benefit the community and engage in sound, profitable business endeavors.

Sustainable, innovative developments are demanded by our ever-evolving modern life. Today’s developers have the chance to create not only spaces that enable the activities they were designed for, but to become an integral part of community life.

Twenty-first-century hotels should combine global vision and ambitious execution, incorporating the latest in smart technologies and the classical elements of architecture and function. 


Rodschinson Investment is able to help our clients find experienced operators and reliable tenants for existing hotels or for development projects.

We help select the best partner to guarantee investment optimisation, and deliver the best possible experience for your guests with informed, proactive management and smart investments.

We provide strategic input on key decisions and procedures, from operator selection and contract negotiations to budget and capital spending. 


The hotel industry has changed rapidly in the past few years and will continue to evolve.

Rodschinson Investment recognizes this trend and provides our clients with the latest market and trend research, presenting you with sound, cutting-edge options.

Where franchises and chains formerly dominated the market, today’s hotel guests demand more. They are looking for unique experiences, authenticity, and personalized service. 


Rodschinson Investment’s tireless teams will take care of details so that our investors don’t have to. We will research market and feasibility studies, hotel asset management, and valuations.

We will also carry out contract negotiations, audits and reviews, and we will offer strategic investment advice based on feasibility, ROI, operations and target market evaluations.

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At Rodschinson, we listen to our clients and use our vast experience and expertise to craft projects specific to each situation. Our business may be global, but our attention is personal.

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